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How to make toasty meatball subs on the Star Grill Express Panini Grill

Here’s a quick toasty meatball sub fast and fresh off one of our Star Grill-Express Panini Sandwich Grills.


• French or Italian bread, sliced (6″ – 8″ section)
• olive oil – light brush on outside of bread
• Marinara sauce (jarred)
• precooked meatballs (frozen, thawed, cut in half)
• shredded mozzarella cheese

optional: green pepper – browned in panini gril

Preheat Star Grill Max 2-sided panini grill, brush outside of bread with olive oil. Brush inside of bread with sauce (on both sides), place sliced meatballs and shredded cheese in bread. Place sandwich on panini grill, at an angle, close lid, cook for 4 minutes. Remove sandwich, open and place grilled pepper or jarred pepper slices, close sandwich, cut/serve.