Compare Star Commercial Star Commercial Panini Press And Sandwich Grills Types

    • Aluminum and Cast Iron sandwich grills perform differently. Choose the type that best meets your needs.

      Star Commercial Panini Grill
      Aluminum Platen Commercial Sandwich Grill

      STAR Aluminum commercial sandwich grills are ideal for warming foods such as tortillas or quesadillas, and making bread products.

      Choose this style for:

      • Low power availability (120V, 1700W maximum)
      • Split-top design
      • Even heat distribution
      • Easy maintenance with oil and seasoning
      Commercial Sandwich Grill Flat Steel
      Cast Iron Platen Commercial Sandwich Grill

      STAR Cast Iron sandwich grills are ideal for cooking meats such as chicken and burgers. They are also great for hybrid uses, such as protein breakfasts and quesadillas.

      Choose this style for:

      • High power availability (208/240V, up to 7200W)
      • Larger sandwiches (available in 28” unit)
      • High-density applications
      • Retained temperatures for faster recovery
      • Easy maintenance with oil and seasoning

      More choices for your STAR Sandwich Grill:

      Hinge Type

      Choose from our exclusive Torsion Spring hinge that stays put at whatever position you leave it, or a traditional counter-balance hinge constructed from hardened aluminum.

      • Torsion Spring
      • Counter Balance

      Surface Type

      Choose from Smooth or Grooved based on how you want your finished product to look and feel. Cook times of certain products may increase with less surface contact from grooves. Try a Smooth bottom and Grooved Top for the best of both worlds!

      • Groove
      • Smooth