How To Choose Commercial Star Commercial Hot Dog Equipment

  • Star Manufacturing also produces stand-alone bun boxes, warmers, sneeze guards, and more…

    Commercial Hot Dog Roller Grills

    • Visually appealing to customers, encouraging impulse sales
    • Perfectly cooked hotdogs and sausages with texture similar to grilling
    • Expand your menu with products such as egg rolls, taquitos, tamales, and more!
    • Multiple roller surface choices for maximum turnability and cleanability
    • Can be configured with analog or electronic temperature controls
    • Available with bun warmer, built-in bun drawers, or clear bun doors
    • Behind-the-counter or self-serve environments
    • Capacity: 30, 45, 50, 70 or 75 hot dogs

    Commercial Hot Dog Broilers (aka — Rotisseries)

    • Basting action rolls the dogs for evenly cooked product with a uniform color
    • Eye-catching wheel movement increases impulse sales
    • Adjustable analog thermostat
    • Built-in bun warmer for convenience and freshness
    • Capacity: 18 or 36 hot dogs

    Commercial Hot Dog Steamers

    • Steam reduces weight loss to produce plump, juicy hot dogs
    • Can be used for other steam-appropriate foods
    • Additional flavors such as beer, beef, or chicken stock can be added to juice tray
    • Easy to clean
    • Adjustable analog thermostat
    • Side-by-side bun warmer with humidity control
    • Capacity: 130, 170 or 230 hot dogs