How To Choose Commercial Roller Grills

  • Roller grills are a staple of the convenience food market, and they’re available in a wide array of configurations to meet your unique needs. To choose the best commercial roller grill for your application, consider these factors:

      • 1. SIZE & CAPACITY: In addition to the unit’s physical size (compared to your available counter space), consider its capacity. Choose a grill that will comfortably meet your demand at your busiest times. Star Grill-Max® roller grills can accommodate as few as 20 and as many as 75 standard-sized hot dogs at a time.
      • 2. TEMPERATURE CONTROLS: Commercial roller grills are available with either analog or electronic temperature controls. Electronic models offer more precise regulation and allow you to set a “holding” temperature to adequately warm foods without fear of over-cooking them.
      • 3. TEMPERATURE ZONES: If you plan to offer more than one type of product, such as hot dogs and egg rolls, consider a roller grill with zoned heating—a standard feature on all Star Grill-Max and Grill-Max Express products.
      • 4. ROLLER FINISHES: For enhanced turning, durability and cleanability, the unique StalTekTM finish is unparalleled in the industry. Choose our rugged DuratecTM non-stick finish for enhanced turning and cleanability, or our cost effective and attractive chrome rollers.
      • 5. BUN STORAGE & HEATING: Many roller grills have on-board bun storage, which minimizes your hot dog station’s footprint. Bun drawers have either solid or clear fronts, and some are heated.
      • 6. CONSTRUCTION: Most roller grills cases are made from stainless steel, making them easy to clean and maintain. Consider the durability of the machine’s “guts,” including seals to prevent fluid infiltration, rugged bearings and long-lasting heating elements.