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How to make Easy Veggie Paninis on the Star Grill-Express

Here’s a great panini on the Star Grill-Express

Preheat the Star Pro-Max unit to 400-degrees

Artisan Veggie Panini – easy way to start serving tasty food!
with Chef Frank and the Star GX14iS Grill-Express 2-Sided Panini Grill

Quality crusty Artisan Bread. 6-8″, cut in half
2 oz – mushrooms, sliced
4 oz – red onions, sliced into rings
4 oz – summer squash, diced
4 oz – zuccini, diced
2 oz – green pepper, diced
(3) olives, chopped
Basil creme (tube)
olive oil (to brush on pan & grill surface)
Balsalmic vinegar – to dress sandwich

pre-made cole slaw
2 oz – italian sweet peppers,

preheat Star Grill Express GX14 to 400-degrees.
Preheat pan in Sandwich grill, after heated, sprinkle pan w/ olive oil and place chopped veggies to cook (or rather sweat off on pan), close lid of grill, let veggies soften on pan in closed sandwich grill for 2-min.
While veggies are sofetneing in pan, spread basil on both insides of bread. Add shredded cheddar to bread on top of basil spread. Remove pan and veggies from sandwich grill. Take softened veggies and place them on top of cheese/basil, close sandwich. Brush outside of bread with olive oil (and or/sandwich grill surface) and place on heated grill, close lid (sandwich grill should already preheated to 400-degrees), Let cook for about 3.5 – 4 minutes. Remove hot sandwich. Quickly open sandwich – add Balsamic Vinegar, close sandwich and cut on angle. Serve to customers!