Star Manufacturing Warranty Policy


Star Manufacturing [as well as its subsidiaries] warrants to the original purchaser of new Star products to be free from defects in material or workmanship, under normal and proper use and maintenance service as specified by Star and upon proper installation and start-up in accordance with the instructions supplied with each Star unit. Star’s obligation under this warranty is limited to a period of one [1] year beginning from the date of original installation. The warranty period begins upon the date of original installation or up to six [6] months after the original shipment, from the factory, of the covered product. Defects that occur as a result of normal use, within the time period and limitations defined in this warranty, will at Star’s discretion have the parts replaced or repaired by Star or a Star-authorized service agency.


Repairs performed under this warranty are to be performed by a Star authorized service agency. Star will not be responsible for charges incurred or service performed by non-authorized repair agencies. In all cases, the nearest Star-authorized service agency must be used. Star will be responsible for normal labor charges incurred in the repair or replacement of a warrantied product within 50 miles (80.5 km) of an authorized service agency. Time and expense charges for anything beyond that distance will be the responsibility of the owner. All labor will need to be performed during regular service hours. Any overtime premium will be charged to the owner. For all shipments outside the U.S.A. and Canada, please see the International Warranty for specific details. It is the responsibility of the owner to inspect and report any shipping damage claims, hidden or otherwise, promptly following delivery. No mileage or travel charges will be honored on any equipment that is deemed portable. In general, equipment with a cord and plug weighing less than 50 lb. (22.7 kg) is considered portable and should be taken or shipped to the closest authorized service agency, transportation prepaid.


        • QCS1, QCS2, and RCS2 toasters
        • Condiment dispensers



Star’s sole obligation under this warranty is limited to either repair or replacement parts, subject to the additional limitations detailed below. This warranty neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume obligations other than those expressly covered by this warranty.

  • Any product which has not been used, maintained, or installed in accordance with the directions published in the appropriate installation sheet and/or owner’s manual, including incorrect gas or electrical connection. Star is not liable for any unit which has been mishandled, abused, misapplied, subjected to harsh chemicals, modified by unauthorized personnel, damaged by flood, fire, or other acts of nature [or God], or which have an altered or missing serial number.
  • Installation, labor, and job checkouts, calibration of heat controls, air and gas burner/bypass/pilot adjustments, gas or electrical system checks, voltage and phase conversions, cleaning of equipment, or seasoning of griddle surface.
  • Replacement of fuses or resetting of circuit breakers, safety controls, or reset buttons.
  • Replacement of broken or damaged glass components, quartz heating elements, and light bulbs.
  • Labor charges for all removable and consumable parts in gas charbroilers and hotplates, including but not limited to burners, grates, and radiants.
  • Any labor charges incurred by delays, waiting time, or operating restrictions that hinder a service technician’s ability to perform service.
  • Replacement of parts that fail or are damaged due to normal wear or labor for replacement of parts that can be replaced during a daily cleaning routine, such as but not limited to silicone belts, PTFE non-stick sheets, control labels, knobs, bulbs, fuses, quartz heating elements, baskets, racks, and grease drawers.
  • Any economic loss of business or profits.
  • Non-OEM parts. Use of non-OEM parts without Star’s approval will void the warranty.
  • Units exceeding one [1] year from original installation date.


  • Specific/chain-specific equipment may have additional and/or extended warranties.
Star-Ultra Max® fryers, griddles, charbroilers, and hotplates2 years2 years
Star-Max® fryers, griddles, charbroilers, and hotplates2 years2 years
Staltek™ roller grill coatings5 years 
Cast iron grates, burners; and burner shields1 year
Original Star, Toastmaster or Holman parts sold to repair equipment90 days
Star, Toastmaster, or Holman parts sold to repair equipment90 days


Should you require any assistance regarding the operation or maintenance of any Star Manufacturing; phone, email or fax our service department. In all correspondence provide the model number and serial number of the unit needing service; include the voltage or gas type.

Normal Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Telephone: 800-264-7827 Tech Service Option 2


The foregoing warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied and constitutes the entire warranty. 

Download a pdf version of the warranty here