Compare Star Commercial Commercial Foodservice Charbroilers Types

  • Star Mfg. Commercial Radiant Gas Charbroiler

    • Provides a more predictable cooking experience
    • Radiant shield protects burners from drippings
    • Long last components
    • Easy to clean
  • Star Mfg. Commercial Lava Rock Gas Charbroiler

    • Cooking experience is similar to charcoal
    • Porous rock catches and holds drippings
    • Requires regular rotation and replacement of lava rocks
    • Internal components tend to wear faster
  • Star Mfg. Commercial Electric Charbroiler

    • Can be used where gas cannot – sub-basements or high rise buildings
    • Powerful elements generate radiant and conductive heat without direct flame
    • Easy access lift-up elements and plates facilitate cleaning
    • Cost-effective

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Showing all 4 results