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Apple Cheddar Crisp on the Star SWBD Waffle Baker

Apple Cheddar Waffle Crisp Recipe Demo SWBD Waffle Baker

Here’s a great Apple Cheddar Crisp (Appetizer or Dessert) prepared on the Star SWBD Waffle Baker

preheat waffle baker to 340-degrees

waffle batter ingredients:
(2 cups) Waffle Mix
(1 cup) Milk
(1/4 cup) Apple Cider Vinegar
(1 tbsp) Vegetable Oil
mix all ingredients – set aside

other ingredients:
(1/4) cup dry oats/oatmeal – for crunch
(1/4 cup) sharp cheddar, shredded
apple, finely sliced (use about 1/2 apple per Apple Cheese Crisp Waffle)
non-stick cooking spray – to coat waffle platens

to prepare: in a bowl, gently mix together (2/3 cup) waffle batter, (1/4 cup) shreded cheddar, (1/2 sliced apple) and set aside. (optional mix-ins: nutmeg, vanilla, dried cranberries, etc…)

With preheated waffle baker open, generously spray platens with non-stick cooking spray. Next, sprinkle (1/4 cup) dry oats/oatmeal directly on to preheated (bottom waffle platten). On top of the dry oats, pour waffle baker/apple/cheddar mixture gently and evenly across platen surface. Drop cover/close and start timer – cook for (3:30) 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Carefully remove. Cut into strips or slices. Serve w/ dunkin’ sauce. Yummy!!

Chef Frank’s dunkin’ sauce: mix (1/4 cup) maple syrup + (2 ounces) melted butter
serving ideas: sprinkle w/ cinnamon, powdered sugar, walnuts, etc..

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Veggie Paninis on the Star Grill-Express

Breakfast Burrito California Style

Here’s a great panini on the Star Grill-Express

Preheat the Star Pro-Max unit to 400-degrees

Artisan Veggie Panini – easy way to start serving tasty food!
with Chef Frank and the Star GX14iS Grill-Express 2-Sided Panini Grill

Quality crusty Artisan Bread. 6-8″, cut in half
2 oz – mushrooms, sliced
4 oz – red onions, sliced into rings
4 oz – summer squash, diced
4 oz – zuccini, diced
2 oz – green pepper, diced
(3) olives, chopped
Basil creme (tube)
olive oil (to brush on pan & grill surface)
Balsalmic vinegar – to dress sandwich

pre-made cole slaw
2 oz – italian sweet peppers,

preheat Star Grill Express GX14 to 400-degrees.
Preheat pan in Sandwich grill, after heated, sprinkle pan w/ olive oil and place chopped veggies to cook (or rather sweat off on pan), close lid of grill, let veggies soften on pan in closed sandwich grill for 2-min.
While veggies are sofetneing in pan, spread basil on both insides of bread. Add shredded cheddar to bread on top of basil spread. Remove pan and veggies from sandwich grill. Take softened veggies and place them on top of cheese/basil, close sandwich. Brush outside of bread with olive oil (and or/sandwich grill surface) and place on heated grill, close lid (sandwich grill should already preheated to 400-degrees), Let cook for about 3.5 – 4 minutes. Remove hot sandwich. Quickly open sandwich – add Balsamic Vinegar, close sandwich and cut on angle. Serve to customers!

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Breakfast Burritos (Calif. style) on a Star Pro-Max PST14iE Sandwich Grill

Breakfast Burrito California Style

Here’s a great Breakfast Burrito prepared on the Star Pro-Max PST14iE

Preheat the Star Pro-Max unit to 400-degrees

tortillas (flour) – anysize you’d like to serve
precooked rice & beans
precooked egg patty (cut into pieces)
precooked home fries
Queso fresco
Taco seasoning
Diced green onions
Diced red pepper

serve with sides: Sour Cream, Salsa

to prepare:  Fold ingredients into tortilla, tucking all sides, hold formed burrito in hands for a minute to set.
Place formed burrito into Panini Sandwich Grill, (seam side down), close top. Grill with lid closed for 2 minutes.

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Meatball Calzones on Star SWBD Waffle Baker

Meatball Calzone Demo in a Star SWBD Waffle Baker

Here’s a great Meatball Calzone prepapred on the Star SWBD Waffle Baker

Preheat waffle baker to 325-degrees
ingredients: makes roughly 4 calzones
– tube of refrigerated pizza dough (or any dough you choose), rolled out thin
– Pizza Sauce
– Shredded Mozzerella
– Precooked Meatballs (sliced)

prep dough by rolling out thin, place sauce covering dough, sprinkle cheese, add meatballs to one side. Fold dough over, press and seal edges. Place directly on waffle unit, close. Let cook for 3 minutes & 30 seconds. Remove, slice, garnish and add fun dipping sauces.

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Grilled Cheese on the Star SWBD Waffle Baker

waffle baker grilled cheese

Here’s a quick grilled cheese made on a Star Waffle Baker

Preheat Waffle Baker to 350 degrees.
Brush all sides of bread with melted butter.
Spray cooking oil on both sides of waffle baker platens.

2 slices White Bread
Melted Butter
3 slices Cheddar Cheese (3 slices)

Basil paste (add nickel-size dollop, spread to inside of bread)
sliced tomatoes

to cook:
place sandwich in baker and close
Cook for 3 minutes & 30 seconds
Cut in quarters and serve

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Pat’s style Philly Cheesteak on a Star Pro-Max Sandwich Grill

philly cheesesteak recipe Star PST14

Here’s a quick breakfast burrito fast and fresh off one of our Star Pro-Max Grills.

• 3 precooked scrambled egg patties chopped
• 3 oz pepper jack shredded, 1 oz mozzarella
• 1/2 tsp. taco seasoning
• 3 tbs. finely chopped green onion
• 3 tbs. finely chopped red pepper
• 6 pickled mild jalapeno slices
• 3 strips of precooked and crisped bacon
• 1- 16” tortilla shell warmed
• Salsa and sour cream sides

The total cook time is 4-5 minutes. Serve with salsa and sour cream and dust with shredded cheese
• Preheat the grill to medium temperature
• Break the scrambles egg patties into scrambled loose eggs. Mix with all ingredients.
• Warm the tortilla shell on grill for less than a minute then remove.
• Put the mix of ingredients on one side of the tortilla about 2” in from the end in a straight line across the surface of the tortilla.
• Fold in the two ends and roll the tortilla tightly.
• Brush the tortilla both sides with olive oil, place burrito perpendicular to the grooves and pull the top down.
• To get creative, open the top at about 2 minutes and rotate the burrito to being parallel to the grooves which puts a great checkerboard finish on the burrito.

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Street tacos on the Star Pro-Max Sandwich Grill

Mini Taco Recipe feature image

Try mini street tacos made on the Star PST14iE – Star Pro-Max Grills.

Mini-Taco shells
8-10oz Carnitas (heat directly on grill) for 2.5-minutes
black beans
shredded cheese
diced tomatoes
sour cream

Preheat grill to 400-degrees. 
Heat Carnitas directly on Star Pro-Max sandwich grill (heat to 160-degrees +) for 2.5 minutes.
Stuff taco shells with carnitas, black beans, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream or any toppings of your choice. Quick and easy way to add profitable menu items.

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Toasty meatball subs on the Star Grill Express Panini Grill

Grill Express Meatball Sub Video Graphic

Here’s a quick toasty meatball sub fast and fresh off one of our Star Grill-Express Panini Sandwich Grills.


• French or Italian bread, sliced (6″ – 8″ section)
• olive oil – light brush on outside of bread
• Marinara sauce (jarred)
• precooked meatballs (frozen, thawed, cut in half)
• shredded mozzarella cheese

optional: green pepper – browned in panini gril

Preheat Star Grill Max 2-sided panini grill, brush outside of bread with olive oil. Brush inside of bread with sauce (on both sides), place sliced meatballs and shredded cheese in bread. Place sandwich on panini grill, at an angle, close lid, cook for 4 minutes. Remove sandwich, open and place grilled pepper or jarred pepper slices, close sandwich, cut/serve.


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Gourmet burgers on the Star Pro-Max sandwich grill

Gourmet Burger Feature image

Here is a quick recipe off our Star Pro-Max panini grill

Fast & Easy Gourmet Burgers on Star Pro-Max

Preheat grill to 400-degrees + brush surface of grill lightly with oil

• hamburger buns or cibatta rolls
• frozen beef-patty
• frozen veggie-patty

• cheese slices
• ranch dressing (spread on inside of bun)

• tomato slices
• onion slices
• pre-cooked bacon
• pickles

place frozen patties on grill surface, lower top platen, cook frozen patties for about 4-minutes (at 400-degrees). Check internal temperature of each patty. When patties are cooked, add cheese, place on bun. Now it is time to build your burger with the toppings of your choice. Fast & Easy!

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Turkey bacon guacamole panini on the Star Grill-Express Sandwich Grill

turkey bacon guacamole panini

Here is a quick recipe off our Star Gril-Express panini grill

Turkey Bacon Guacamole Panini on Star Grill-Express GX14IG

• (2) slices artisan bread
• 2 oz. guacamole spread
• 4.5 oz. smoked deli turkey
• (3) slices pre-cooked bacon
• (2) slices tomato
• (2) slices white cheddar
• oil for grill – brush on both platens optional

extra add-ins: shredded cheddar cheese, red onion slices, pre-made coleslaw

Directions: preheat Grill Express, lightly brush oil on both sides of heated griddle surface. Spread guacamole on inside of both slices of bread, place first slice of bread (guacamole spread-side facing away from griddle surface), build inside of panini with ingredients: add cheddar cheese slices, sprinkle shredded cheddar, place 4.5 ounces of turkey, pre-cooked bacon, tomato, onion slices, sprinkle coleslaw and place top slice of bread (again with guac spread side down). Close griddle and let cook for around 4 minutes. Volia! Cut, plate, and serve. Easy and delicious Turkey Bacon Guacamole Panini your customers will love!