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How to make Meatball Calzones on the Star SWBD Waffle Baker

Meatball Calzone Demo in a Star SWBD Waffle Baker

Here’s a great Meatball Calzone prepapred on the Star SWBD Waffle Baker

Preheat waffle baker to 325-degrees
ingredients: makes roughly 4 calzones
– tube of refrigerated pizza dough (or any dough you choose), rolled out thin
– Pizza Sauce
– Shredded Mozzerella
– Precooked Meatballs (sliced)

prep dough by rolling out thin, place sauce covering dough, sprinkle cheese, add meatballs to one side. Fold dough over, press and seal edges. Place directly on waffle unit, close. Let cook for 3 minutes & 30 seconds. Remove, slice, garnish and add fun dipping sauces.