Compare Star Commercial Star Commercial Foodservice Electric and Gas Fryers Types


    Electric Fryers

    • Finished with a stainless-steel body with removable stainless steel kettles
    • Powerful immersion heating elements for fast heat-up and higher efficiency
    • Snap-action thermostat (200-375 degrees) for quick temperature-setting
    • Quick to recover heat for a higher quantity of cooked items, faster
    • Available in Single and Twin pot versions

    Gas Fryers

    • Made of heavy gauge stainless steel with nickel plated steel kettles
    • Equipped with side-hanging baskets
    • Adjustable gas thermostat (200-375 degrees)
    • Under-fired construction in Natural Gas or Propane
    • Available in 15lb or 30lb sizes
    • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning