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How to make Breakfast Burritos (Calif. style) on a Star Pro-Max PST14iE Sandwich Grill

Here’s a great Breakfast Burrito prepared on the Star Pro-Max PST14iE

Preheat the Star Pro-Max unit to 400-degrees

tortillas (flour) – anysize you’d like to serve
precooked rice & beans
precooked egg patty (cut into pieces)
precooked home fries
Queso fresco
Taco seasoning
Diced green onions
Diced red pepper

serve with sides: Sour Cream, Salsa

to prepare:  Fold ingredients into tortilla, tucking all sides, hold formed burrito in hands for a minute to set.
Place formed burrito into Panini Sandwich Grill, (seam side down), close top. Grill with lid closed for 2 minutes.