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How to make fast & easy gourmet burgers on the Star Pro-Max sandwich grill

Here is a quick recipe off our Star Pro-Max panini grill

Fast & Easy Gourmet Burgers on Star Pro-Max

Preheat grill to 400-degrees + brush surface of grill lightly with oil

• hamburger buns or cibatta rolls
• frozen beef-patty
• frozen veggie-patty

• cheese slices
• ranch dressing (spread on inside of bun)

• tomato slices
• onion slices
• pre-cooked bacon
• pickles

place frozen patties on grill surface, lower top platen, cook frozen patties for about 4-minutes (at 400-degrees). Check internal temperature of each patty. When patties are cooked, add cheese, place on bun. Now it is time to build your burger with the toppings of your choice. Fast & Easy!