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How to make a turkey bacon guacamole panini on the Star Grill-Express Sandwich Grill

turkey bacon guacamole panini

Here is a quick recipe off our Star Gril-Express panini grill

Turkey Bacon Guacamole Panini on Star Grill-Express GX14IG

• (2) slices artisan bread
• 2 oz. guacamole spread
• 4.5 oz. smoked deli turkey
• (3) slices pre-cooked bacon
• (2) slices tomato
• (2) slices white cheddar
• oil for grill – brush on both platens optional

extra add-ins: shredded cheddar cheese, red onion slices, pre-made coleslaw

Directions: preheat Grill Express, lightly brush oil on both sides of heated griddle surface. Spread guacamole on inside of both slices of bread, place first slice of bread (guacamole spread-side facing away from griddle surface), build inside of panini with ingredients: add cheddar cheese slices, sprinkle shredded cheddar, place 4.5 ounces of turkey, pre-cooked bacon, tomato, onion slices, sprinkle coleslaw and place top slice of bread (again with guac spread side down). Close griddle and let cook for around 4 minutes. Volia! Cut, plate, and serve. Easy and delicious Turkey Bacon Guacamole Panini your customers will love!