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How to make breakfast tacos on the Star Pro-Max Sandwich Grill

Breakfast Quesadillas

Here is a customer favorite! A quick breakfast quesadilla fast and fresh off one of our Star Pro-Max Grills.

• 3 tortillas
• 2 oz shredded cheese, Cheddar
• 3 oz hash brown potato
• 1 green onion • Pinch taco seasoning
• Chorizo sausage

• Place Tortillas on on the grill and for 20 seconds each side to soften.
• Remove tortillas and place sausage on grille in thin slices.
• Fry each side 2 minutes. Slide to the side and spray the grill with oil.
• Crack the eggs on the smooth grille and break the yoke. Flip and finish the eggs.
• Place the egg on tortilla and dress with the additional ingredients.
• Fold in half, place on the panini grill and close top for 2 minutes
• Serve with salsa and sour cream.