Toastmaster Pop-Up Toasters

3 Available 4-Slot, Bread & Texas Toast Models:

  • TP409
  • TP424
  • TP430

2 Available 4-Slot, Hybrid- Bread & Bagel Toaster Models:

  • HT409
  • HT424

2 Available 4-Slot, Bagel/Bun Models:

  • BTW09
  • BTW24

Toastmaster solid-state pop-up toasters are designed to uniformly toast bread, frozen waffles, bagels, buns and many other foods consistently and many other foods consistently.

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Each toasting chamber is equipped with oven guide wires, and lowering rack. Insulated ceramic etched foil heaters are installed on both sides of each toasting chamber. Models TP409, TP424 & TP430 have four toasting slots in the top and each side is heated. Models HT409, HT424, HTC409 four slot bread toasters have four toasting slots in the top: two slots are standard (two-sided) and two slots are extra-wide one sided slots. Models BTW09, BTW24 four slot bread toaster have four toasting slots in the top. Each slot is extra wide & each chamber of the BTW is one-sided toasting only. All models operate on 1 phase only. Toasters are equipped with a two pole switch that energizes the elements when the operating lever is depressed. Toasters are furnished with factory installed 36” cord with NEMA plug.

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