Star-Max® 6115CBF Lava Rock Gas Charbroiler – 15″ Wide

8 Available Models

Star-Max radiant and lava rock charbroilers are designed to provide excellent heating and control when preparing a wide variety of products. The units are designed with durability and flexibility in mind with cast burners and a control knob for each twelve [12] inch (304mm) section. The grates have been designed to hold a high capacity of product for maximum efficiency under demanding cooking situations.

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The Star-Max® radiant and lava rock gas charbroilers will be constructed in the U.S.A. and feature stainless front panel, bull nose, drip pan, splash guard, and grease trough. The charbroilers will either use lava rocks or heavy-duty radiants to transfer heat to product. Grates will be adjustable per section to be enclined or flat. The units will have cast iron burners which will produce 40,000 BTUs on natural gas or 35,000 BTUs on propane per burner. Each 12-inch (305 mm) burner will have its own individual control. Charbroilers will be supplied with 4-inch (102 mm) tall nickel-plated legs with 1.325-inch (34 mm) of adjustment. The standard gas connection will be 3/4-inch N.P.T. Units will be shipped being set up for natural gas, and will include field conversion kit for LP gas. For lava rock models, a five [5] pound (2.27 kg) bag of lava rocks will be provided for each twelve [12] inches (305 mm) of width.

Spec Sheet

Owners Manual

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