Round Warmers

3 Available Models:

  • 4RW
  • 4RW-L
  • 4RW-P

Round warmers keep your product at the right temperature until ready to be served, requiring minimum counter space. Stainless steel body design for easy maintenance and durable performance.

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Model: 4RW* Category:
  • Wrap around heating elements with the highest wattage abailable provides maximum heating for refrigerated or frozen foods.
  • Adjustable thermostat holds food product at desired temperature.
  • Hi-limit termostat prevents warmer from overheating.
  • Model 4RW: 4qt. Basic Warmer – requires optional SSB-4 inset bowl w/cover and ladle
  • Model 4RW-L: 4qt. Basic Warmer – lock ring and cover, accepts #10 or SSB bowl
  • Model 4RW-P: 4qt. Basic Warmer w/Star’s patented pump, accepts #10 or SSB bowl
  • Model 4RW-4H: 4qt. Warmer with hinged lid and bowl (ladle optional)

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