Ultra-Max® SCT4000E Contact Toaster

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  • SCT4000E

Star contact toasters are designed with speed and consistency in mind. The optional programmable electronic control means toasting buns the same way in any number of locations is as simple as plugging in a USB drive. The three [3] bun wide dual side design allows for a production speed unmatched by other toasters.

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  • Dual, three [3] bun wide toasting makes the toaster capable of producing up to 3,820 buns per hour
  • First bun[s] pass-through time is as low as 12 seconds fully caramelized, with each additional bun as fast as 2.82 second intervals
  • Bun height adjustment controlled with a simple knob in six steps ranging from 0.3125 in. (8 mm) to 1.075 in. (27 mm) [adjusted independently front and rear]
  • Supplied with an easy-to-install non-stick sheet
  • Single piece front and rear silicone belts OPTIONAL ELECTRONIC CONTROL VERSION
  • High-contrast digital display allows for an in nitenumber of programmed product settings and instant adjustments to speed and temperature up to 550°F (288°C)
  • Electronic programming allows for consistent,repeatable results across any number of toasters and USB port allows easy uploading of new product files
  • Electronic control allows for independent speed controlfor front and rear belts
  • Advanced stepper motor technology for precise speed controland with no gears to strip, translates to a long life

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