Toastmaster Smokers With Humidity

2 Available Models:

  • ES-6L/ES-6R
  • ES-13L

The ES series of smoker ovens offers the capability to dry bake, bake with moisture, warm, slo-cook, hold and smoke. A minimum footprint is required because of the top mounted motor.

The heat, steam and smoke are distributed evenly throughout the oven cavity by the fan located in the top of the oven. Smoke, steam and heat may be vented out of the top through a ball valve prior to opening the door of the unit when a load of product is completed.

Steam is generated internally by using the same elements that generate the heat. This eliminates the need for a boiler or reservoir. Set the humidity dial to the desired setting. The greater the number the more steam/humidity.

Since each control is independent, a variety of different conditions may be utilized in processing products. The use of all controls will produce a warm, tender, moist product.


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  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fully insulated
  • Control panel provides access from front of unit and through top
  • Heating elements accessible inside and top of unit


  • Solid state controls
  • Fan on/off switch
  • Indicator light for thermostat
  • Cook’n Hold feature utilizes cook thermostat, hold thermostat and 24 hour timer
  • Smoke on/off switch
  • Separate heat and humidity controls

ES-6 Spec Sheet

ES-13 Spec Sheet

Owners Manual

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