Star-Max® Electric Fryers 530FF

1 Available Model:

  • 530FF

Star-Max® electric fryers are built for maximum efficiency and quick product turn-around. These units come in a variety of sizes and are designed for countertop operation – fryers are a great way to increase menu offerings for a variety of operations and locations.

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Star-Max® electric fryers will be constructed with a stainless steel body and will have a nickel-plated steel kettle on 530FF models or a stainless steel kettle on 301HLF, 514LL, 515F, and 530TF models. These will use immersion heating elements, which swing up for easy cleaning. Fryers will have a removable stainless steel kettle for easy straining of oil/fat. The fryers will use snap-action thermostats that allow for a temperature range of 200°F (93°C) to 375°F (191°C). Two baskets will be supplied with each fryer. 301HLF, 514LL, and 515F models will come wired with an appropriate plug based on the model’s power ratings and certification requirements. 530FF and 530TF models will be
set up to hard wire and will not included a cord or plug. All units will be single phase, except 530FF models which can be wired single or three phase. All units will have a built in high limit safety thermostat. 301HLF, 515F, 530FF, and 530TF models will be UL and cUL certified. 514LL models will be UL certified only.

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