Star Grill-Max® Roller Grills with Analog Controls and Built-In Bun Drawer

Star’s Grill-Max® roller grills combine the highest quality and lasting performance with the latest technology—providing the most advanced roller grill in the industry. Roller grills are available in a variety of sizes and are perfect for snack bars, convenience stores, recreational facilities, stadiums, and virtually any other food service application.


Chrome Rollers/Analog: 30CBD, 50CBD
Duratec Rollers/Analog: 30SCBD, 45SCBD, 50SCBD, 75SCBD
StalTek Rollers/Analog: 30STBD, 45STBD, 50STBD, 75STBD


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Grill-Max® roller grills are constructed of stainless steel and use tubular stainless steel sheath elements and your choice of roller coating where available. Heating elements are mounted in a fixed and floating system allowing for lateral expansion to minimize warping. Optional electronic temperature controls provide holding temperature ranges from 145°F to 190°F and cooking temperatures up to 220°F. The heavy-duty motor provides 360° rotation of rollers. The units will incorporate Seal-Max, Star’s exclusive seal and bearing combination. These units have an eight [8] foot cord and come with an appropriate NEMA plug to match their power usage and certification standards.

BUILT-IN BUN DRAWER Analog Controls:

  • Chrome Rollers/Analog controls: 30CBD, 50CBD
  • Duratec Rollers/Analog controls: 30SCBD, 45SCBD, 50SCBD, 75SCBD
  • StalTek Rollers/Analog controls: 30STBD, 45STBD, 50STBD, 75STBD

Spec Sheet

Owners Manual

image (30STBD) analog/StalTek