Jetstar Popcorn Poppers 39 Series

6 Available Models:

  • 39-A
  • 39D-A
  • 39R-A
  • 39S-A

Combine Star’s Super JetStar 8oz. popcorn poppers and Chief’s Choice quality popcorn to bring the smell, taste and fun to the party. Requires only 19-1/2” of counter space to fit almost any where. Stainless steel style fits any decor and is easy to clean.


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Model: 39*-A Category:
  • Pops 170 one ounce servings per hour of Star’s quality Chief’s Choice brand popcorn (contact factory for details).
  • Nickel plated 8 oz. steel kettle provides maximum popping performance.
  • Magnetic catch holds one-piece kettle lid up for easy loading and unloading of Chief’s Choice popcorn.
  • Swing up/down kettle design allows easy dispensing of popped corn into the cabinet and is easy to clean.
  • A 50 watt warming element under stainless steel corn deck keeps pop corn fresh and crisp when you want to snack.
  • Cabinet is constructed of 1/8” thick tempered glass panels with four full length aluminum corner posts for stability and maintenance free operation.
  • Heavy gauge clear plexiglass doors and full length aluminum hinges with magnetic catch stands up to constant use.
  • Clear lexan drop panel provides greater visibility for merchandising popcorn.
  • Stainless steel old maid drawer allows quick and easy removal of old maids.
  • Eye level 2 switch control panel: Top Switch engages motor and kettle heat Bottom Switch engages light and corn deck
  • A 75 watt display light highlights popcorn and builds impulse sales.
  • Attractive colorful popcorn graphics makes popper a perfect addition to any food service operation.
  • Optional sneeze guards for self-serve operations.
  • Cabinet cleaning is a snap with warm soapy water.

Spec Sheet (39 Series)

Owners Manual

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