Ultra-Max 8024CBB Lava Rock Natural Gas Charbroiler – 24″ Wide

10 Available Models


Ultra-Max® radiant and lava rock charbroilers are designed to provide excellent heating and control when preparing a wide variety of products. The units are designed with durability and flexibility in mind with cast iron burners and a control knob for each six [6] inch (152 mm) section of grate. The grates have been designed to hold a high capacity of product for maximum efficiency under demanding cooking situations.

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The Ultra-Max® radiant and lava rock charbroilers are constructed in the U.S.A. with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body. The charbroilers will either use lava rocks or heavy- duty radiants to transfer heat to product. Grates are adjustable per section to be enclined or flat. The units feature cast iron burners which produce 20,000 BTUs per six 6 inches of width and have adjustable valves and a standing pilot. Units will be shipped being set up for Natural Gas, and will include field conversion kit for LP gas. Standard gas connection is 3/4-inch N.P.T.
For lava rock models, a five 5 pound bag of lava rocks will be provided for each twelve 12 inches of width.

Owner Manual

Spec Sheet