Chief’s Choice™ Popcorn

A special premium hybrid kernel that has maximum pop- ping expansion is grown for Chief’s Choice. Only those kernels that have the finest color, shape, size, and proper moisture content that produces bigger, fluffier kernels are selected.

Only the highest grade popping oils are used in the Chief’s Choice portion pack. All packages (4 oz, 6 oz. & 8 oz.) are supplied with coconut oil.

Special butter flavored popcorn salt is included in the Chief’s Choice package. Every ingredient in Chief’s Choice Popcorn has been selected for its quality, to maxi- mize expansion, texture, color and taste. Chief’s Choice guarantees fewer “old maids” (unpopped kernels) and more profit per batch.


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Chief’s Choice Popcorn provides outstanding results in any popcorn machine, but when popped in a Star JetStar or Galaxy popper, the results are amazing.

The secret is Star’s popping kettle. The kettle’s wide design reduces layering of kernels for even heating and maximum expansion and allows popped corn to exit faster for better taste, texture and size.


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