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Impingement Toasters

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  • Split-belt Impingement/Radiant Conveyor Toaster

    • Multi use toaster/ broiler- belts can be used with conveyor for traditional bread products such as croissants and bagels, product paddles can be used to heat/toast non-traditional bread products or broiler.
    • High intensity infrared elements and impingement airflow reduces toast time up to 50% by quickly and evenly heating food products.
    • Two, independent, 5” wide conveyors.
    • Dual controllers; each controls top toasting power, lower toasting power and belt speed for each side.
    • 1400 watts top toasting power each side provided by a serpentine, metal-sheathed radiant element.
    • 1000 watts bottom toasting power each side provided by a serpentine, metal sheathed radiant element.
    • Choice of toast or timer menu buttons.
    • Stainless divider between conveyors and elements.
    • Full width flip and return area behind and under conveyors.
    • Single NEMA 6-30 plug feeds two individual fuse blocks that protect each side for full separation.
    • Each controller has four re-programmable menu buttons that can be configured to control power to the top and bottom elements individually (0 -10, increment s of 1). The conveyor speed can also be programmed for relative speed settings of 0-99.
    • Two menu buttons control a timing feature for cheese melting.
    • Safe load up area with full width composite front burn guard and cool to the touch exterior.
    • "Smart" crumb tray keeps the bread crumbs from falling under the toaster.
    • Reversible motors automatically removes products from toasting chamber during cheese melting function.

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  • Impingement/Radiant Conveyor Toasters

    • High intensity impingement airflow and infrared elements reduces toast time up to 20% by quickly and evenly heating food products.
    • Six programmable menu buttons to customize toasting speeds for each product.
    • Holman’s forced convection system keeps the toaster cool to the touch and extends the life of critical components. The forced convection increases productivity by circulating pre-heated air into toasting chamber.
    • High intensity quartz or metal elements and impingement air provide infrared heat for toasting.
    • Space saving design - our forced convection system allows the unit to be placed against a wall. Other toasters have louvers requiring additional counter space.
    • High performance - produces up to 1600 bagel halves per hour.
    • Easy to use control panel takes the guesswork out of speed control settings.
    • Toasts bagels and English muffins in seconds!
    • Fully programable electronic control provides four menu selections with separate conveyor speed and heating element settings.
    • Two menu buttons provide timing settings.
    • Programmable Power Saver reduces energy consumption by up to 90%.
    • Extended conveyor belt for easy loading and large warming area for higher production.
    • Safe load up area with full width front burn guard and cool-to-the-touch exterior.
    • "Smart" crumb tray keeps the bread crumbs from falling under the toaster.
    • Heated holding area to keep toast at the perfect temperature.
    • Hi-limit switch prevents toaster from overheating protecting critical component parts.
    • 24 hours 7 days a week technical support by Star technicians.

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