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New Refrigerated Condiment Server


SCR4 is a self-contained refrigerated counter top system that is designed

to hold toppings, condiments, or practically any food at NSF-7 safe temperatures.

The SCR4 includes cold-well refrigeration, foamed-in place

insulation, stainless steel construction, 4 each easily removable pans, 1/2”

feet and 4’ cord & plug.

★Self-contained refrigeration system

★ NSF-7 Compliant at 35° F product temperature

★ Foamed-in-place insulation

★ Stainless steel front, top and sides

★ Includes 4-each removable 1/6th – size, 6” deep, clear

polycarbonate inset pans with hinged lids

★ Accommodates equivalent 2/3rd-size, 1/3rd-size 1/6th-size or

1/9th-size pans

★ Sanitation approved

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