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International, Inc.

P.O. Box 430129

10 Sunnen Drive

St. Louis, MO 63143-3800

(314) 678-6303

Make Delicious Omelets Time After Time


Star Omelet Maker

★ Star’s two egg omelet maker cooks mouth-watering omelets for break fast, snacks or anytime you want.

★ One-step omelet making. Pour in the eggs, add extra toppings and close the lid.

★ Omelets ready in 1:50.

★ Heavy-duty non-stick coating meet the demands for improved durability and cleanability.

★ Full floating hinge design made of heavy-duty stainless steel rises evenly for equal expansion for evenly cooked omelet every time.

★ Digital electronic timer from 0 to 9:59 and temperature controls from 250 to 425 F take the guesswork out of preparing omelets.

★ Tubular elements located on top and bottom grid provide even heat distribution.

★ Easy to read on/off switch with indicator light signals when omelets are ready.

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