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Sandwich Grills

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Sandwich Grills

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  • Grill Express Two-Sided Grills

    Grill Express Sandwich Grills

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  • 14" Pro-Max 2.0 Sandwich Grills


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  • 7" Pro-Max 2.0 Sandwich Grills

    ★ Expand your menu with Star’s Pro-Max two sided grill. Prepare “Panini” sandwiches, chicken breasts, hamburgers, steaks, wraps vegetables and many other menu items quickly and easily while maximizing space. ★ Only 9.5” wide saving you counter space! ★ New lower profile. ★ Heavy-duty aluminum platens provide long life and superior performance for high volume operations. ★ A heavy-duty commercial counter balance hinge system and handle provides safe and effortless operation of the top platen. ★ Spacious grilling height accommodates product up to 3” with 3-4 pounds of pressure for proper cooking between platens. ★ Two-sided cooking heats your menu items in half the time, sealing in the flavor. ★ The bottom platen has a patented splash guard to help keep products and grease in their place. ★ Ergonomically designed control panel provides easy access and visibility to controls and grease drawer. ★ Heavy gauge, water resistant flexible plastic conduit protects electrical connections. ★ Easy-to-use electrionic controls with multi channel countdown display. ★ Thermostat is rated from 175°F (79°C) to 550°F (302°C) and provides accurate sensing of temperature. ★ Removable grease drawer in the front of unit for easy clean-up.

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